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Avoiding use of Aluminium foil


With the whole world using the versatile aluminium foil in different ways. Mostly the aluminium foil is used as packing wrapper for food, chemical and cosmetic and as an industrial applicant and wrap foil around door knob when alone. However some uses of aluminium foil that can damage your kitchen and even your health should be never undertaken and should be absolutely avoided. Things you should never do with aluminium foil are:

Microwave – Microwave ovens are so convenient because they use high-powered radio waves to cook food quickly.They do this by radiation. Using aluminium foil should be avoided as microwaves reflect off the aluminium, causing food to cook unevenly and potentially damaging the microwave by sparks, flames and even fire. Do not use aluminium foil to cover the bottom of the microwave.

Baking cookies- Aluminium is highly conductive, which means that any part of the dough that is in direct contact with the foil is exposed to a much more concentrated heat than the rest of the dough. The end result is a cookie that the bottom is burnt and undercooked on top.

When baking cookies, it is best to spread them on baking paper rather on the aluminium foil.

Storing leftovers- Leftovers food can be stored in your refrigerator or any airtight containers but aluminium foil is not suitable for storing them.

Aluminium foil fails to keep oxygen out of the food. This allows bacteria to multiply inside the food, which can spoil the food the next day, and it spoils just as quickly as if  it had not been packaged at all. In addition, exposure of aluminium foil to higher temperatures can result in increased migration of the metal in food that can be harmful to your health.

Acidic foods- Acidic foods such as tomatoes, tomato sauce and sour fruits can interact with the aluminium and corrode the foil after a few days. It is better to use plastic or glass containers for these foods. Wrapping food in foil is the best  temporary solution because aluminium foil-wrapped is not airtight.

Frying food- Aluminium foil traps heat, but also traps moisture. This means your food will end up more soggy and steamy than fried and crispy. The amount of aluminium foil while frying food depends on:

Frying at a higher temperature

Use of acidic foods like tomatoes or lemon

Use of spices and salt while frying

The aluminium foil in frying food is a bad practice and should be avoided.

Lining the bottom- The oven with aluminium foil may seem like a good way to collect spills and avoid major oven cleanups but it is a bad practice and should be completely avoided to a possible thermal damage to the oven:

Placing foil on the bottom of a gas oven can obstruct the flame,which can cause the food to be undercooked or overcooked.

Foil on the racks of gas or electric ovens can block heat and airflow.

With all types of ovens, placing foil on the bottom can be risky. Foil may not  withstand high heat and may melt and permanently damage the oven.

The heat reflected from the foil can make baked goods cook faster. The heat reflected from it can also burn  the oven and heating elements.

Throw it in the trash after one use- Foil is recyclable. Simply wash it by hand or on the top rack of the dishwasher and reuse it. Generally you throw it after one use, but don’t do this as the aluminium foil can be recycled if it is clean. Give it a good wash to get rid of any stray food and use it again. You can re-use the aluminium foil in:

Placing a leaf collar around the base of the plant or leaving it in strips in your garden will help keep  birds, insects and other animals away.

Mould and transform the foil to make metal toys such as robots, sea hats, balls, spaceships etc.

If you have dirty pans, pots, cages or oven doors. You can clean them all with aluminium foil.

To improve ironing and smooth wrinkles, it is enough to put a sheet of foil  under the ironing board.

Sharpen your scissors with used aluminium foil.


You must realise that excess use of aluminium foil should be avoided as overheating can cause aluminium foil to break up and it can pass into your food which has harmful effects on your health.


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