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Living in Berlin: Pros and Cons


Life is all about balance. Moving to a new city can be as tiring and challenging as it can be exciting. It is always good to have a deeper understanding of the city you are moving to, before you get there. Research the weather, living conditions, cost of living and other expenditures and then make the final decision. Whether you are moving to a new place for your studies, job or to settle down for a better life, always make sure the place you choose will be ideal for you in the long run. 

A European capital like Berlin offers a wide array of opportunities and life. But no city is perfect for everyone. Berlin has its fair share of pros and cons and it is always good to take a look at all of them before making the big move. 

Cost of Living 

Despite its advanced facilities and lifestyles, Berlin is not an extremely costly city to live in. Compared to other European cities, Berlin is cost effective and affordable in many ways. Accommodation may not be instantly easy to find. You may have to search a while to find the perfect setting that adheres to all your needs. Rental apartments are probably the best way to live in a city like Berlin, especially if you are someone who likes to have your own space and time. 

The public transport system is highly efficient and it helps you get around the city at a cheaper cost. Education is also highly feasible in the city and even in most other parts of Germany. Berlin has two sides of life balance. If you are rich and are looking to lead a luxurious life, it has it all. And if you are

looking for affordable means to live on a budget, the city has that too, be it entertainment, food or accommodation. 

Despite its affordability on a number of factors, Berlin has its share of unavoidable expenses too, like insurances and taxes. Health insurance is compulsory for all in Germany and it is not cheap. In addition, there are other insurances that one must be able to afford to continue living in the country. The taxes are not inexpensive either. 

Job Market 

Germany has one of the most thriving industrial sectors in Europe. It is constantly evolving to include all advancements in every sector it can afford. But unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the city of Berlin. Berlin does have a competent job market, but it is hard to enter it. Initial salaries may not be extremely rewarding compared to the job responsibility. Career growth can also be slow. But despite all that, Berlin is still an attractive city for young expats, especially the ones interested in the creative and innovative sectors. The city is a hub for young and budding entrepreneurs and a fertile land for the growth of startups and new business ventures. 

Besides being a technological junction, Berlin also offers a highly vivacious cultural space. The city often finds itself in the arms of artists, painters and various other entertainers from all over the world. The city always busses with action, often giving the picture of an enthusiastic bird that might break into song any moment in a movie scene. 


Berlin is undoubtedly the hot tub of action. Everything from Bohemian art galleries to exotic restaurants, ambient cafes, sizzling pubs, and beautiful calming outdoor spaces can be found within the city. There is never a boring

moment in Berlin, not unless you are a lazy ass person who doesn’t want to budge yourself to have a good time. For everyone else, there is always something to do in the city. Speaking for expats, you can be sure to not have a dull minute in Berlin. It’s all in there! 

Though Berlin does have a reputation for having cold and unfriendly localites, this is actually not true. Germans are generally on the introverted side and are quite socially reserved. Understanding this can solve confusions and help mingle and interact with the local culture more. 

Public Transport 

The city has one of the most efficient public transport systems in the country or even the whole of Europe. Germans are often teased for being way too punctual and efficient. But this is an attribute of how every system here works, including public transportation. The Berlin metro system is a quick and easy way to get around the city. Buses and trams are also an easily accessible and affordable means to travel. 

Besides these, the city offers one of the best and healthiest ways to travel, cycling. Berlin has over 620 miles of bike lanes and foot and cycle paths across the city, helping pedestrians and cyclists get around easily. 


Berlin comes with a high standard of living, which includes accommodation as well. The city has a lot of modern, well maintained, furnished apartments for rent available. 


Berlin has a well developed and excellent education system. Be it public, private or international schools and universities, you or your children are very likely to get a standard and affordable education. Most schools in Germany are inclusive of specially abled children as well. 


The weather in Berlin is not everyone’s cup of tea. The summers are warm and not too hot. But winters can be bitter and extremely cold. If you are someone who loves the cold weather, Berlin is the right city for you. In case you are not, add more sweaters to your wardrobe!


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