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Everything You Must Know About Ant Infestation


Ant infestation is a common household problem that can quickly escalate if not appropriately addressed. Understanding the behaviour of these tiny but highly organised insects is crucial in effectively managing and preventing infestations. 

This article will equip you with comprehensive knowledge on tackling ant-related issues. Here, the professionals for pest control in Deer Park will guide you in identifying various ant species, employing preventive measures and dealing with infestations.

What are the Common Ant Species?

It’s crucial to understand that different ant species put a plan of action about ways to exterminate them. Below are common types of ants found in households-

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants, characterised by their large size and black or reddish-brown colouration, are notorious for tunnelling through wood, potentially causing significant structural damage to homes and buildings. Distinguishing them from termites is essential, as both insects exhibit similar behaviours.

Odorous House Ants

These small brown or black ants emit a distinctive rotten coconut-like odour when crushed, hence their name. They often invade homes in search of sweet or greasy food sources. The ant exterminators in Melbourne find these in various locations, from walls to pavement cracks.

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants, tiny and pale yellow in colour, prefer warm and humid environments, making them commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. These have a rapid production rate that makes it even more critical to employ pest control in Deer Park for ant extermination.

Argentine Ants

Light to dark brown in colour, Argentine ants form massive supercolonies, causing them to be highly invasive. Sugary substances left on the countertop, dinner table or even the couch attract these ants, and they trail along windows and other openings to feed on these.

Pavement Ants

Dark brown to black pavement ants often nest under sidewalks, driveways, and building foundations. They are known for their aggressive behaviour towards other ant species and are attracted to various food sources.

What are The Factors Attracting Ants?

Once we know the source that attracts the ants to the household, it becomes easier to prevent them from entering. 

Food Sources

Ants are opportunistic feeders, constantly seeking sweet, greasy, or protein-rich foods. Crumbs, spills, and improperly stored food can entice them into your living spaces.

Moisture and Water

Ants require water to survive. Therefore, you can find these in moist areas, such as leaky pipes, damp basements, and pet water dishes.

Shelter and Nesting Sites

The need for a secure nesting site encourages ants to infiltrate buildings and homes, with wall voids, attics, and crawl spaces becoming prime locations.

What are The Dangers of Ant Infestation?

Sometimes, we overlook ants as a threat until we witness massive destruction. However, knowing that they can cause substantial damage over time is crucial. Hence, asking pest control in Deer Park for an effective plan against ant extermination is vital.

Property Damage

Certain ant species, like carpenter ants, can cause significant damage by hollowing out wooden structures, potentially compromising the integrity of a building.

Health Risks

While not directly harmful, ants can contaminate food and surfaces, transmitting diseases and bacteria.

Impact on the Ecosystem

Ants play essential roles in ecosystems, but invasive species can disrupt native ecosystems and harm beneficial insects and plants.

What are The Preventive Measures for Ant Extermination?

Proper Food Storage

Seal the food in airtight containers and promptly clean up spills to remove potential food sources for ants.

Sealing Entry Points

Inspect and seal any cracks, gaps, or holes in walls, windows, and doors to prevent ants from gaining entry.

Eliminating Moisture

Address leaks and maintain proper drainage to eliminate potential water sources for ants.

Landscaping and Garden Maintenance

Keep vegetation and tree branches away from buildings to reduce ant pathways.

Professional Ant Extermination

  • When to Seek Professional Help: Persistent ant infestations or species like Pharaoh ants that are difficult to control may require professional intervention.
  • Choosing a Reputable Pest Control Service: Research and select a licensed and experienced pest control company with a proven track record.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Approach: IPM combines various methods, such as chemical treatments and preventive measures, to achieve effective and eco-friendly ant control.

Understanding Ant Behavior

Apart from knowing various types of ants and understanding the elements that bring them into the house, it’s also crucial to understand ant behaviours. It helps ant exterminators in Melbourne to take effective steps to eliminate them.

  • Communication and Pheromones: Ants communicate through pheromone trails, allowing them to coordinate activities and locate food sources.
  • Colony Structure and Roles: Ant colonies consist of a queen, workers, soldiers, and sometimes reproductive ants, each serving specific roles.
  • Seasonal Behavior: Ant behaviour can vary throughout the year, with some species becoming more active during warmer months.

Tips for Dealing with Ant Infestation

  • Avoiding DIY Mistakes: Misidentifying ant species or using improper control methods can exacerbate the infestation.
  • Monitoring and Early Detection: Regularly inspect your property to detect ant activity early, enabling prompt action.
  • Taking Immediate Action: Address ant infestations immediately to prevent further colony growth and property damage.

Concluding Words

Understanding the intricacies of ant behaviour, identification, and prevention is essential for effectively dealing with ant infestations. By implementing preventive measures, exploring natural remedies, and seeking professional assistance, you can protect your home and maintain a harmonious coexistence with these remarkable insects. Remember, knowledge is power when managing ant infestations and ensuring a pest-free living environment.

The Melbourne-based RF Pest Management team works diligently to eradicate pests and maintain a healthy living environment for you and your loved ones. If you observe any indications of an infestation, please do not hesitate to contact us for long-lasting solutions.


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