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5 Beautiful Kerala Door Designs for Entrance Doors


The home’s front door plays an important role in creating the first impression. If one wants to add unique details and elements of Indian culture to the design, Kerala front door designs are the perfect choice. With traditional charm and intricate craftsmanship, these designs can make the home stand out from the rest. Check out 5 beautiful Kerala door designs that will enhance the interior design.

  1. The Antique Styles of Kerala Door Designs:

The antique style of the front door in Kerala is mainly an antique style that exudes timeless elegance. These doors are often polished dark brown to accentuate their natural look. Many people prefer yellow or brown as the door colour adds to the traditional appeal of the design. An antique Kerala door design will add tradition and character to the home.

  1. Door with Geometrical Motifs:

The geometric motif door is a stunning example of Kerala’s exquisite craftsmanship. This distinctive front door design is crafted from teak and plywood and features a beautiful mix of light and dark wood tones. The doors comprise two panels that open and close in pairs, adding a touch of luxury to the entrance. An intricate and balanced geometric pattern adorns the sides of the door, giving it an elegant and sophisticated feel. The design also includes long, thin steel handles, adding a modern touch to the traditional style.

  1. Designs with Intricate Carvings:

Kerala door designs are known for their intricate carvings influenced by the region’s rich cultural heritage. These designs have great attention to detail, and each element is perfectly crafted. The intricate construction of the door reflects the craftsmanship and attention to detail. If one values quality and craftsmanship, the intricately carved Kerala door design will win the heart and become the home’s centrepiece.

  1. Carved door of Lord Ganesha:

According to Vastu, having an image or sculpture of Lord Ganesha at the house’s entrance is considered auspicious. Lord Ganesha is believed to remove obstacles and proclaim happiness. Engraving an image of Lord Ganesha on the front door adds a touch of grandeur, royalty, and warmth to the overall design. This sculpture enhances the beauty and brings positive energy and blessings to the home.

  1. Grid-like Kerala Door Design:

The grid-like Kerala door design seamlessly blends modern and classic elements to create a unique and visually pleasing style. This design features square windows and doors and a modern twist on a traditional design. Each of the four rows near the centre of the door has a small bell that gently jingles as it opens and closes.

In summary, the kerala door design not only creates a positive impression on the guests but also adds beauty and style to the home in a traditional way. Incorporating these exquisite designs will transform the entryway into a charming and inviting space.


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