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10 Trees To Plant In Your Yard This Summer


Many homeowners wish to create a peaceful and appealing outdoor place for their families, and planting trees is among the most efficient ways to accomplish this. Trees not only offer beauty and aesthetic appeal, but they also provide necessary shade, improve air quality, and attract biodiversity.

In this article, you’ll look at the art of tree planting and explore 10 hand-picked trees perfect for summer planting in Deltona, Florida. 

Prepare to upgrade your garden and create a haven of shade and greenery for your family to enjoy for years to come.

1. Southern Magnolia 

The Southern Magnolia tree is well-known for its big, fragrant white blossoms. It can grow to be 60-80 feet tall and spread 30-50 feet wide, making it a great shade tree in your yard. Choose a spot with well-drained soil and lots of sunlight to grow the Southern Magnolia. 

Watering should be done regularly for the first few years until the tree has established itself. Mulching near the base will aid in moisture retention and preserve the plant’s short roots. Pruning should be done sparingly, primarily to form the tree and remove dead or broken limbs.

2. Crape Myrtle 

The Crape Myrtle delights with its vivid pink, purple, and white blossoms. It can grow to be 10 to 30 feet tall, depending on the variety. Plant the Crape Myrtle in full sun and well-drained soil. It is fairly drought-tolerant once established. Pruning is advised in late winter or the beginning of spring to foster new growth and improve blooming.

3. Live Oak 

The Live Oak is a famous tree in Florida, known for its grand spreading canopy. It can reach a height of 40-80 feet and a spread of 100 feet. Choose a place that has enough area to handle its majesty. Live oaks prefer soil that is well-drained and can grow in both partial and full sun. This tree will remain healthy and thriving with regular watering in dry months and occasional trimming to eliminate deadwood.

File name: Magnolia-flowers

Alt-text: Magnolia flowers in bloom.

4. Red Maple 

Another tree to consider is the Red Maple, which, with its blazing crimson leaf, steals the show in the autumn. It can grow  40-60 feet high with a width of 30-40 feet. 

Plant it in damp, acidic soil with enough room for its cover to grow. The Red Maple prefers full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Watering it regularly, particularly during dry and hot months, will keep it healthy.

5. Cabbage Palm 

The Cabbage Palm, Florida’s state tree, is a local favorite. It matures slowly and can grow to be 20-30 feet tall. You should plant it in broad sunlight and well-drained soil. Once planted, Cabbage Palms are drought-resistant and need little maintenance other than occasional trimming to remove dead fronds.

6. Dogwood 

You should also consider The Dogwood for your garden. Its exquisite white or pink blooms and appealing bark make it a striking addition to any landscape. It can reach a height of 20-30 feet. Plant it in fertile soil that drains well in an area that receives partial shade or screened sunlight. It is critical to keep the soil continually moist for the Dogwood’s well-being and lifespan. Prune in the winter months to encourage new growth and keep the shape.

File name: Palm-trees-in-garden

Alt-text: Several palm trees planted in a garden.

7. Bald Cypress 

The Bald Cypress thrives in moist conditions, making it a suitable tree for waterlogged locations. It can grow to a height of 50-70 feet and a width of 20-30 feet. Plant it on a moist substrate with sufficient drainage and give it plenty of sunlight. Bald Cypresses are low-maintenance plants that just require frequent watering during dry seasons and occasional trimming to get rid of decaying branches.

8. Sweet Bay 

Sweet Bay is distinguished by its fragrant, creamy white blossoms and glossy green leaves. It can reach a height of 15-20 feet. Its glossy green leaves give a touch of refinement to the overall appearance, resulting in a lush and vivid display that will make an impact. 

Watering regularly is crucial, particularly during the first several years of growth. In early spring, light pruning may be done to reshape the tree and clear any dead or damaged branches.

9. American Holly 

The dark green leaves and vivid red berries of the American Holly are associated with the holiday season. This evergreen tree creates a festive ambiance in your environment by contrasting its deep green foliage with beautiful red berries.

It can reach a height of 15-30 feet and thrives in well-drained, acidic soil with partial shade. Watering regularly is crucial, especially during dry spells. Pruning should be kept to a minimum, to structure the tree and eliminate any dead or broken limbs.

10. Palm Trees (Various species):

Finally, palm trees such as the Canary Island Date Palm, Sago Palm, and Windmill Palm add a tropical feel to your yard, taking you to a vacation paradise right in your backyard. Their size and development qualities differ based on the kind, so pick one that fits your space. 

Regular watering and periodic pruning to preserve their beauty are critical for the health and aesthetics of palm plants. Regular fertilization can also assist palm trees in keeping them looking lush and maintaining their appearance, which is important for the health and aesthetics of palm trees.

Now that you have a well-curated list of 10 trees suitable for Deltona’s summer climate, it’s time to transform your yard and elevate your landscape. But before you embark on your tree planting journey, consider seeking expert advice from professionals in tree services.

Clayton’s Quality Tree Service LLC is your go-to partner for emergency tree removal, tree stump removal, and tree trimming services in Deltona, Florida. With their team of experienced arborists and modern equipment, they are well-equipped to handle any tree-related task efficiently and safely.

Visit their website to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards creating a stunning outdoor oasis that you’ll cherish for years to come.


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